How to encourage our children to love STEM

I believe that many parents are trying very hard to encourage their children to love STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math). I would like to share this tips. Please share this information to your friends and family around the world.

• “Parents shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. Keep the lines of communication open.” @PBSParents
• “Instead of assuming a child is “too young to understand”, try to find a more relatable way to explain it.” @bkjones
• “Modeling is important; esp. for older kids. If ur online all the time, they’ll assume it’s OK for them, too.” @PBSParents
• “The biggest thing to help your child with is for them to LEARN HOW TO FIGURE THINGS OUT. Applies to everything.” @RobynOHSH
• “If you don’t limit a child’s imagination, there are no limits – they can take you to the moon. Literally!” @geekmommy
• “Your backyard is a classroom waiting to be used.” @connectingwomen
• “Get out & find beauty of physics everywhere, computers are great, but hands on lessons hard to forget.” @coolchillmom
• “Share [with kids] stories of successes, and also those with failures but with a great learning lesson.” @connectingwomen
• “It’s not hard to get kids to think like scientists – just ask them “What do you think?” from the time they can speak!” @NoFlashcards
• “say, “I don’t know”, then follow up with “let’s find out.” @makeandtakes
Tips for Encouraging Girls to Love and Learn STEM Subjects
• “Encourage girls to get their hands dirty, to explore, to ask questions…to think like a scientist.” @PBSParents
• “Give girls books about science, construction, transportation, dinosaurs; not just princesses & ballerinas.” @amymcdurham
• “Many moms let dad do the fixing or hire handyman, do it yourself to show your daughter that she can do it.” @thesmartmama

STEM-Related Activities to Do With Your Children

• “A museum membership is more than investment, great for days when kids say ‘I’m bored.’” @geekmommy
• “Look for star gazing events in your area or do it in your own back yard.” @PBSParents
• “With math, help kids count everything: flowers in a vase, coins in ur purse, people in a store.” @PBSParents
• “Show kids how ice melts or water freezes. Let them see the mold on the cheese before throwing it away.” @PBSParents
• “For little ones, cut out shapes in pancakes. Point out shapes around your house.” @PBS Parents
• “Bath time: Let them see what sinks/floats. In the kitchen, let them see how an egg changes when it’s cooking.” @PBSParents
• “Find out what Geocaching is & make it a family outing.” @GeekMommy
• “Tell a story, history is full of great inventors, scientist, and builders that can inspire just like a good educator can.” @CoolChillMom
• “Play the ABC game w/ pre-k: go on walk and find natural things beginning w/ each letter-fun!” @sanborncamps
• “If you travel, get sciece museum or zoo membership with reciprocal benefits at other science museums.” @moneywisemoms
• “A simple magnifying glass can lead to great scientific exploration of a backyard.” @NoFlashcards
• “Unstructured time in nature is vital Let them climb trees make forts get an ouchie. It’s learning!” @ohboymama
• “Start an outdoor playgroup and discover w/ parents and kids math and science out there.” @activekidsclub
• “Start a Lego club, encourage trips to museums as field trips.” @RobynOHSH
• “Check out local nature centers. They’re free. Many libraries also have free science-related programs.” @PBSParents
• “For early engineering, paper crafting is great!” @pattyonovak
• “I buy my kids kits like Shrinky Dinks and Magic Rocks and Sea Monkeys to introduce science concepts. They love it.” @mammaloves
• “Puzzles, word searches, crosswords all great 4 teaching engineering – teaches strategy.” @pattyonovak

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Kids and Science

We are live in digital era and nano technology. We cannot avoid globalization. If you are having kids and they love match, science and writing essay or blogging, you are a lucky parent. If they hate math or science, don’t worry, you can still encourage your children to love these important subjects.

Please explain how important to learning science and technology, however don’t push your kids. Who knows they love art, music and graphic design, movie or video making, etc. As we know, creative jobs or business also a future opportunity for our kids.

You can show you’re about fantastic future for your kids if they try to love science. A strong love of science can go a long way once you enter the job market. You can apply your interests in a variety of ways including teaching, working with, and writing about the things that make the world around us spin on a daily basis.

I got information that many big companies open job in management level and CEO positions for man and woman who have expertise in math and other basic sciences such as financial institution, airline, pharmaceutical industries, aircraft industries, etc.

Unfortunately many children hate math and science in developed countries such as USA or several countries in Europe and Australia. That’s why a lot of young graduated in IT and other subject in science, match, bio technology or subject technology are from Asian countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, etc. They become promising expatriate in many countries or teaching in major universities or college in USA and Europe.

They earn good salary and allowances. They also have fantastic opportunity to set up their own company. You can imagine that most new billionaire in the future is young people below 40 years old.

Are you ready to encourage your kids to love math, science and technology?